Friday, February 10, 2012

hats and things made

Hi  I have been busy, making things for my new shop, which will open on the 30th april
I tried retirement, cant do it yet, so back to work I go just love people, and need to be in the thick of it all,
so my shop will be the same as before without the shoes, shoes are so much work, so its going to be a boutique, with dresses, tops jeans, bags jewllery etc, andthe back of the shop will be patchwork and craft
and I will have a website up and running, so will tell, when its up and running,today I am finishing off my baby wool blankets, so in next few weeks will have lots to show

 cinamay peacock hat love the colour
 red facinator
 blach facinators

 made 4 of these dolls catkins designs
 my wall hanging its finished now not in this picture thou ribbon embroidery cups of flowers

 this was my first wedding photo 1974
a black cloche and below facintor
                                               happy crafting to all

Monday, January 16, 2012

sharons quilt i am making

well have not been on for a while, so will show you some of the blocks, I have been making for my neice, it will take a little time to do, but I am enjoying doing them about 30 blocks for a queen size so it goes down the sides, not just on top all creams with atouch of simular colours, have been very busy makeing clothes, for my new website, and shop but that is to come, very excited, will be going to india in april, to have them made, have been on the phone to shipping company,s and many other things,

so quite a bit of organizing to do,  I will have been retierd 2 years when I starte agian, its loverly being home but I just love, the fashion design, and creating something out of nothing, and dont you think at the moment there is nothing that gives you the wow factor, all you vintage lovers, understand we are women and want to look our best at all times, when I open my doors, I want it to be the wow factor and resonable prices, so everyone can afford, my garments, well I could get carried away, with so much to tell have a great day to all                crafty

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

went to nellys mums

Went to visit nelly today at her mums, helping her mum pack up mand move
let me tell you her mothers house is sooooooo beautiful, her mother has kept so much of her past
the clothes she kept, are to dye for,nelly  will be showing you some wonderful, pics of her new goodies
but today, I am going to show you some of her hats, that she scord, it was loverly catching up with her and her mum, and the girls will have some new things to show on the weekendhope you all have a great day

 she looks good hey
 i so look like my mother
nellys mum dulcie it runs in the family thay all look good
 hello mum
 this paracisal is so cute about 1950,s
love this one 
 this one is about the 1940,s just beautiful, cant find this straw in any of my millinery books anyone know
 jst a few of what she has scord
                                                happy crafting and hunting   crafty carol

Sunday, January 1, 2012

new hats i made

Have been busy making new 2o,s cloches hats,  nelly got me started, sent me this ladies site on ebay
so decided to make some, really enjoying doing them am going to make lots more, plus a 1950,s
dress, feeling very, much like sewing, so must go with it, also a cushion set with ribbon embroidery
and a silk top, JUst going to put thease up then back to the sewing machine  have a great day

 I love the colour of this one
just a little bit differnt

this is a rami straw with french ribbon
 this head is wrong but cant find my other heads
 looks better on my bust ( well you know what I mean ha ha)
this top out of silk and lace i am going to dye it
 cushion with fushias, roses and dalihas (i cant spell)
                                                                crafty carol  xx

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hi to whoever reads my blog i have been  reading peoples blogs and there are so many of you that just put the most wounderful things up to read, its  snipets, of  your daily purchases, and all the things that make you happy,and what has given you your daily hit of insparation it only has to be one thing thats starts, our taste buds flowing, so many of you have dreams of things to come and thay will, how sad it would be if we didnt have our hopes and dreams, its nice to be among doers,

I will explain there are c


the grandson works at a strawberryfarm
gunners and doers) and bloggers are doers  have a great new year to all