Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hi to whoever reads my blog i have been  reading peoples blogs and there are so many of you that just put the most wounderful things up to read, its  snipets, of  your daily purchases, and all the things that make you happy,and what has given you your daily hit of insparation it only has to be one thing thats starts, our taste buds flowing, so many of you have dreams of things to come and thay will, how sad it would be if we didnt have our hopes and dreams, its nice to be among doers,

I will explain there are c


the grandson works at a strawberryfarm
gunners and doers) and bloggers are doers  have a great new year to all



  1. Ima gunna doit alot this year and isnt grandson a hotty? Me thinks a Sunday visit with Laura maybe? lol mmmm strawberrys

  2. yes nelly lets start matchmaking he he he


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