Friday, February 10, 2012

hats and things made

Hi  I have been busy, making things for my new shop, which will open on the 30th april
I tried retirement, cant do it yet, so back to work I go just love people, and need to be in the thick of it all,
so my shop will be the same as before without the shoes, shoes are so much work, so its going to be a boutique, with dresses, tops jeans, bags jewllery etc, andthe back of the shop will be patchwork and craft
and I will have a website up and running, so will tell, when its up and running,today I am finishing off my baby wool blankets, so in next few weeks will have lots to show

 cinamay peacock hat love the colour
 red facinator
 blach facinators

 made 4 of these dolls catkins designs
 my wall hanging its finished now not in this picture thou ribbon embroidery cups of flowers

 this was my first wedding photo 1974
a black cloche and below facintor
                                               happy crafting to all


  1. You have been busy Love that cloche.

    1. thanks nelly I have been very busy will show other things I have made this week

      happy crafting

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE HATS!!! Good luck with your opening. Connie :)

    1. thanks connie will put photos up soon have just come home from india, went on a buying trip it was fantastic so many beautiful things have a great day


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