Wednesday, January 4, 2012

went to nellys mums

Went to visit nelly today at her mums, helping her mum pack up mand move
let me tell you her mothers house is sooooooo beautiful, her mother has kept so much of her past
the clothes she kept, are to dye for,nelly  will be showing you some wonderful, pics of her new goodies
but today, I am going to show you some of her hats, that she scord, it was loverly catching up with her and her mum, and the girls will have some new things to show on the weekendhope you all have a great day

 she looks good hey
 i so look like my mother
nellys mum dulcie it runs in the family thay all look good
 hello mum
 this paracisal is so cute about 1950,s
love this one 
 this one is about the 1940,s just beautiful, cant find this straw in any of my millinery books anyone know
 jst a few of what she has scord
                                                happy crafting and hunting   crafty carol


  1. ha that was fun to see not sure of that blue hat pic got a bit too much of a wrinkle close up for my liking lol


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