Sunday, January 1, 2012

new hats i made

Have been busy making new 2o,s cloches hats,  nelly got me started, sent me this ladies site on ebay
so decided to make some, really enjoying doing them am going to make lots more, plus a 1950,s
dress, feeling very, much like sewing, so must go with it, also a cushion set with ribbon embroidery
and a silk top, JUst going to put thease up then back to the sewing machine  have a great day

 I love the colour of this one
just a little bit differnt

this is a rami straw with french ribbon
 this head is wrong but cant find my other heads
 looks better on my bust ( well you know what I mean ha ha)
this top out of silk and lace i am going to dye it
 cushion with fushias, roses and dalihas (i cant spell)
                                                                crafty carol  xx


  1. Oh Carol the cloches are gorgeous I so cant wait to get home and make some.That 2nd one i especially love You are going to sell them arent you?

  2. The lovely Nelly sent me your way!Those hats are stunning! I agree with Nelly you should sell them.

  3. Hello, I have jut called by via Nellie,I have enjoyed reading your older blogs and seeing your very clever makes,a lovely blog I will be back,have a wonderful new year, those strawberries looked so delish!


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