Monday, January 16, 2012

sharons quilt i am making

well have not been on for a while, so will show you some of the blocks, I have been making for my neice, it will take a little time to do, but I am enjoying doing them about 30 blocks for a queen size so it goes down the sides, not just on top all creams with atouch of simular colours, have been very busy makeing clothes, for my new website, and shop but that is to come, very excited, will be going to india in april, to have them made, have been on the phone to shipping company,s and many other things,

so quite a bit of organizing to do,  I will have been retierd 2 years when I starte agian, its loverly being home but I just love, the fashion design, and creating something out of nothing, and dont you think at the moment there is nothing that gives you the wow factor, all you vintage lovers, understand we are women and want to look our best at all times, when I open my doors, I want it to be the wow factor and resonable prices, so everyone can afford, my garments, well I could get carried away, with so much to tell have a great day to all                crafty


  1. Your niece will LOVE that quilt Crafty and your shop will be awesome I bet,

  2. thanks nelly my computer has been out of action, i opened a british lottery one by mistake and got a bug just got it back grrrrrrrrr

  3. WOW! All of the detail in each block is amazing! I guess each block will be different? What an undertaking! But I like working on sewing projects so I need to get started! I have a new class that is on working a block at a time...I'm excited! ♥

  4. hi lavender dreamer
    Thanks for stopping by love your blog had a good read this morning, love your quilt on the lounge, also your pics, will visit u often, I have some new hats, and a wall quilt up on my blog have a great day crafty


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